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Man accused of breaking into home, touching UCF student
<p> A man was arrested early Thursday on allegations of touching a University of Central Florida student while she was in bed in her apartment across the street from campus.</p><p> Taylor Morrell, 20, of Coconut Creek, was arrested on charges of burglary of a dwelling with assault or battery.&#160; He was taken to the Orange County Jail and was being held on no bond.</p><p> The incident happened this week at the Plaza at University apartment complex on University Boulevard across the street from campus.</p><p> Orange County deputies say a man, who they later identified as Morrell, broke into an apartment that housed four women. Deputies say Morrell touched one woman while she slept in her room, but left after she screamed.</p><p> Investigators say he then went to a second woman's room and breathed heavily while facing her bed.</p><p> A third roommate says she saw the same man close the front door.</p><p> No one was injured.</p><p> </p><p> Security was called, but no one was immediately located.&#160; Deputies released surveillance images the man, and a local TV news viewer recognized the man and called authorities, leading to Morrell's arrest.</p>

Website reveals nude photographs of local high school girls
<p> At first glance, the website resembles an online yearbook, featuring logos and mascots of more than a dozen Central Florida high schools: Boone, West Orange, Freedom, Dr. Phillips, Ocoee, Olympia, Lake Howell, Haggerty, Winter Springs, Lake Brantley, Wekiva, Lyman, Osceola and Deland high schools. </p><p> But clicking on those web links reveals hundreds of nude photographs of current and former high school students, all of which have been posted by anonymous users.</p><p> Besides the explicit images, the website also contains hundreds more photos of clothed women, likely stolen from their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Those portraits are being used to solicit "wins," a code word for nude photographs.</p><p> While some users have requested naked images of current high school girls, others have posted messages hoping to obtain photos of women who graduated as far back as 14 years ago, including a few who are now married and have children.</p><p> "It just kind of freaks me out," said one former Lake Howell student, who asked that we refer to her as Elaine to shield her identity, so she could speak freely about the website. "It's honestly disgusting. I didn't think anybody I went to high school with would ever do that."</p><p> Elaine said she had no idea someone was using her Facebook profile photo as bait for nude pictures until Local 6 News brought it to her attention. Although she said there are no revealing images of her out there, Elaine is worried about other former classmates who have shared nude photos with others, including an old high school friend.</p><p> "She said she knows one person she sent that picture to. She didn't know if he could have sent it to somebody else and they posted it. Or maybe he posted it," said Elaine.</p><p> Elaine indicated her friend may have been a minor when the nude photograph was taken.</p><p> "She said she took that in seventh grade or eighth grade, maybe," said Elaine.</p><p> Local 6 has been unable to independently verify the ages of the women pictured on the website. Since it could potentially contain illegal images, Local 6 provided the website address to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. A representative from the state agency did not return follow-up phone calls inquiring about the matter.</p><p> Local 6 is not publishing the address of the website. Online records indicate the website domain is associated with CloudFlare, a California-based company that, among other services, acts as a reverse proxy to protect website host providers from cyber attacks.</p><p> "(CloudFlare) does not provide hosting services for any website," said representative Amanda Purvis, who did not confirm whether the company had a business relationship with the pornographic website.</p><p> However, Purvis indicated anyone who suspects a CloudFlare client's website might contain child pornography could file an <a href="https://www.cloudflare.com/abuse/" target="_blank">abuse report</a> with the company.</p><p> "I hope they shut it down," said Elaine's father, who also asked that Local 6 to conceal his identity. "It's upsetting when it's a family member and somebody you love and care about."</p><p> Although the father does not like the idea of teenagers posting nude photos of their classmates, he is even more concerned about others who might visit the website, such as rapists and pedophiles.</p><p> "Something that may have started as a high school boy trying to access nudie pictures could turn into something that's a very bad thing for one or more of these girls," said Elaine's father.</p><p> In May, Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill that makes it a misdemeanor to maliciously publish identifiable nude photographs without the subject's consent. Repeat violators could be charged with a felony. The "sexual cyberharassment" law, which goes into effect on Oct. 1, also allows victims to file lawsuits against those who break the law.</p><p> Elaine and her father want to remind teens that private photographs do not always stay private. They also want the people who posted the photos on the pornographic website to be criminally prosecuted.</p><p> "There are plenty of porn movies or pictures of models," said Elaine. "Why do you need (nude photos of) people you know and people you went to high school with?"</p>

Hiding healthy: Tricks to get children to eat vegetables
<p> For many parents, going down the produce aisle at the grocery store or planning dinner can be a struggle, because you know you'll likely to have to battle your children to get them to eat their vegetables.</p><p> [WEB EXTRA: <a href="/news/web-extra-arthurs-healthy-eating-tips/34426602" target="_blank">Arthur's healthy eating tips</a> | <a href="/blob/view/-/34421396/data/1/-/stki1p/-/11pm-hiding-healthy-recipes.pdf" target="_blank">Truffles &amp; Trifles Recipes</a> | <a href="http://www.shape.com/healthy-eating/healthy-recipes/11-crazy-delicious-desserts-hidden-healthy-foods/eggplant-brownie" target="_blank">Eggplant Brownie</a> | <a href="http://www.treehugger.com/slideshows/easy-vegetarian-recipes/10-luscious-desserts-hidden-vegetables/page/9/#slide-top" target="_blank">Avocado Oatmeal &amp; Chocolate Chip Cookie</a> | <a href="http://www.womenshealthmag.com/nutrition/avocado-cookie-recipe" target="_blank">Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookie</a> |<a href="http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/beet-cake" target="_blank"> Chocolate Beet Cake</a>]</p><p> But Marci Arthur, chef and owner of <a href="https://trufflesandtrifles.com/" target="_blank">Truffles &amp; Trifles Cooking School</a> in College Park, said it doesn't have to be a nightly challenge.</p><p> She invited Local 6 to visit her children's summertime cooking camp to see what she meant.<br/></p><p> They had quite the menu planned, including potato wedges and meatloaf, chicken-stuffed ravioli, glazed carrots, Caesar salad and chocolate cake with buttercream icing, made from scratch.<br/></p><p> All of the campers seemed very excited, even though nearly every recipe includes several vegetables.<br/></p><p> Arthur said getting the kids involved in cooking is what changes everything.<br/></p><p> "If they're making it, suddenly it changes and it becomes their experience," said Arthur. "They have this false idea of what it's going to taste like. Let's face it, kale is not beautiful. It's beautiful to me, but it's not beautiful to a lot of children. But when they make something with it, like we today we had the Tuscan kale soup, the kids loved it. Yet if you tell a lot of adults 'We're going have kale,' they'll just cross their eyes."<br/></p><p> Arthur said she regularly has the children cook meals with vegetables in them, and even the kids who think they won't like the meal going in change their minds as soon as they have a taste.<br/></p><p> "Yesterday, we did a kind of like a chicken pot pie, but a healthy one," said Arthur. "We did 10 different vegetables in it and the kids ate every bite of it."<br/></p><p> We asked the budding chefs what the secret was.<br/></p><p> "Does making food yourself make it yummier?" asked Local 6's Julie Broughton.<br/></p><p> "Yes," said one camper.<br/></p><p> "Are you going to try the meatloaf you made, even though it's got some vegetables going on?" asked Broughton.<br/></p><p> "Sure, yes" said another.<br/></p><p> "Are you more likely to want to eat it because you helped make it?" asked Broughton.<br/></p><p> "Yes," said another pint-sized chef.<br/></p><p> Then it's tasting time. The verdict?<br/></p><p> "How are those vegetables and stuff in there?" asked Broughton. "Can you taste them?"<br/></p><p> "No," said the campers.<br/></p><p> "Tastes interesting, it's actually kind of good."<br/></p><p> "It's delicious."<br/></p><p> For extra-picky palates, Arthur said just finely grate the veggies to sneak them into your child's favorite dishes.<br/></p><p> "We use what is called a microplane grater," said Arthur. "It's like a cheese grater and we grate carrots, I love to chop leeks and there are all kinds of vegetables you can sneak into meatloaf or even baked with chicken."<br/></p><p> But does it actually work, even when the kids aren't helping?<br/></p><p> We searched for desserts with hidden veggies online and came up with four: eggplant brownies, avocado and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, zucchini chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate beet cake.<br/></p><p> Then, anchors Matt Austin and Lisa Bell joined Broughton and brought their children along to do a blind taste-test.<br/></p><p> We gave them a little bit of each dessert and had them tell us what they thought.<br/></p><p> "I think the cookies are pretty good," said Isla, Broughton's 5-year-old daughter.<br/></p><p> "What do they taste like?" asked Broughton.<br/></p><p> "Taste pretty good," said Isla.<br/></p><p> "Lulu, what do you think? You've got your mouth full, you must like it," said Austin.<br/></p><p> "I like the cookies the best," said Austin's 7-year-old daughter, Lulu.<br/></p><p> "What do you think about the cake?" asked Austin.<br/></p><p> "A little bit too chocolatey," said Lulu.<br/></p><p> "Addi, you like chocolate, what do you think about the cake?" asked Austin.<br/></p><p> "I don't really like it," said Addi, Austin's 9-year-old.<br/></p><p> "I appreciate you being polite," said Austin. "What's so gross about it?"<br/></p><p> "I don't know, it's kind of too chocolatey for me, too," said Addi.<br/></p><p> Bell asked her 17-month-old son Henry if he liked the desserts and got a smile as he ate more of the cake as her response.<br/></p><p> Overall, the feedback was positive, and they didn't suspect the hidden veggies.<br/></p><p> Then, Austin and Bell broke the bad news.<br/></p><p> "You know what is packed into that food right there? Vegetables!"<br/></p><p> The children looked shocked, especially when Austin asked them if they usually liked eggplant, zucchini, avocado and beets. But still, they admit they were totally fooled.<br/></p><p> "So what did you think?" asked Austin.<br/></p><p> "I thought it was pretty good for vegetable cookies," said Addi. "You can't really tell there's vegetables inside unless somebody tells you."<br/></p><p> Isla agreed.<br/></p><p> "I don't really taste them in the cookies," she said.<br/></p><p> Lulu admitted she had spotted a little bit of green in the avocado and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but didn't taste anything odd and ate them anyway.<br/></p><p> "Would this be a good way for mom and dad to get you to eat your vegetables?" asked Matt.<br/></p><p> "Well, that's the way my mom would get me to eat my vegetables," said Isla.<br/>&#160;</p>

Cecil backlash: Where is Walter Palmer?
<p> Dr. Walter Palmer is nowhere to be found. </p><p> The Minnesota dentist has gone underground in the onslaught of criticism after he killed a prized African lion with a bow and arrow.</p><p> It probably shouldn't come as a surprise; an angry hoard is calling for his head to be mounted on a wall.</p><p> CNN knocked on the door of his Minneapolis home, but no one answered. </p><p> His practice, Red River Dental, is shuttered, at least for now. A memorial of stuffed animals piles up at the door.</p><p> Out for his hide</p><p> As Palmer went into hiding, it appeared the Internet world was at his doorstep with pitchforks and torches.</p><p> The website for the dental practice is no longer available online.</p><p> Online reviews are trashing his business.</p><p> The hashtag #WalterPalmer is being used to pepper him with threats and insults.</p><p> The Facebook page called "Shame Lion Killer Dr Walter Palmer and River Bluff Dental" is some 7,300 members strong.</p><p> What's the uproar about?</p><p> Palmer is in the public crosshairs after the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said Cecil the lion was lured out of an animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe and shot with a crossbow.</p><p> But his death wasn't immediate. </p><p> Cecil lived another 40 hours until the hunters tracked him down and shot him with a gun. He was then skinned and beheaded.</p><p> The hunters also tried to destroy the GPS collar that Cecil was wearing as part of research backed by Oxford University, the conservation group said.</p><p> "I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt," Palmer said Tuesday in a statement. "I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt."</p><p> Two Zimbabweans have been charged in the case and officials in the African nation say they want to talk to Palmer. The undercover dentist has indicated that he'll cooperate, although he said in a statement that he had yet to be contacted by anyone about the investigation.</p><p> Cecil's killing doesn't appear to be the first time Palmer has gotten into trouble while hunting.</p><p> A man by the same name and age, and from the same town, illegally killed a black bear in Wisconsin several years ago, according to court documents.</p><p> That individual pleaded guilty to making false statements knowingly to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and was sentenced to one year on probation and ordered to pay a fine of nearly $3,000, records show.</p><p> A New York Times article in 2009 that profiled Palmer and his hunting methods said he had served a year of probation over the false statements case.</p><p> The Times article detailed Palmer's skill and enthusiasm for using archery rather than firearms to slay animals.</p><p> He is "said to be capable of skewering a playing card from 100 yards with his compound bow," it said, recounting his killing of a large elk with an arrow in Northern California.</p><p> Outside the office</p><p> The mood outside Red River Dental was peaceful, but ugly Wednesday. Hundreds of protesters gathered there, CNN affiliate WCCO reported.</p><p> "I just came down here to express my disgust at what he did," Alan Miller told the station.</p><p> Sarah Madison brought her son, dressed in a lion costume. "I said we're going to come and we're going to honor Cecil's life."</p><p> In an email to his patients, Palmer said that under current conditions, it was no longer possible to keep his office open.</p><p> "For that disruption, I apologize profoundly for this inconvenience and promise you that we will do our best to resume normal operations as soon as possible," he said.</p><p> Above the menagerie of stuffed animals at the door, posters now cover the front facade of the practice.</p><p> One sign asked: " Dr. Palmer, why did you kill Cecil?" Another said, "Rot in hell." And a third employed the hashtag #catlivesmatter.</p><p> The vitriol for Palmer even flowed from the governor's mansion.</p><p> "I'm just so disgusted with that man," said Gov. Mark Dayton. "Shoot any lion but lure a lion like that out of the preserve and shoot him, how could anybody think that's sport? Just appalling."</p><p> With the storm of criticism continuing to brew, it may be quite some time before the hunter, now hunted, feels like it's safe to come out.</p>

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