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Man wanted in connection to death of Cocoa baby turns himself in, police say
<p> A man who was sought in connection with the death of a baby who was found&#160;unresponsive at an apartment earlier this week has turned himself in to police.</p><p> Local 6 has learned that&#160;Nathaniel Aries Dotson, 20, turned himself in to Cocoa police around 10 p.m. Friday and on the advice of his lawyer was told not to say anything.</p><p> Cocoa police told Local 6 that charges against Dotson include first-degree murder, aggravated battery and aggravated child abuse. He is being held on no bond.</p><p> </p><p> Cocoa police spokeswoman Barbara Matthews told Local 6 the 15-month-old boy, Zamir Kendrick, was pronounced brain dead Wednesday night at Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando.</p><p> Cocoa police said Dotson claimed a 2-year-old hit the baby with a picnic basket and that's what caused his injuries, but after doctors and medical examiners looked at Zamir's autopsy, they said it was inconsistent with the blunt force trauma that was found.</p><p> Police said Zamir had multiple skull fractures, extensive head and brain injuries.</p><p> Friday morning, doctors harvested Zamir's organs after his mother chose to donate them to other children in life-saving operations.</p><p> "Cases like this are very emotional," Matthews told Local 6. "You can see the picture of baby Zamir -- an absolutely adorable child -- and we do some times take things like this personally."</p><p> Cocoa police said they were called to an apartment on North Fiske Boulevard just before 2 p.m. Tuesday. Police assisted with CPR on the child until paramedics arrived.</p><p> According to police, the baby was home with his mother's boyfriend at the time of the call.</p><p> The Florida Department of Children and Families said it has had no previous investigations concerning baby Zamir. DCF could not say, however, if it has ever conducted an investigation into Dotson.</p><p> Law enforcement has had the mother's boyfriend on their radar, though. In 2012, Dotson was arrested by Brevard County sheriff's deputies after a man said Dotson barged into his Meritt Island home and tried to rob him with a semi-automatic gun.</p><p> Once outside the home, the man claimed Dotson fired his gun into the house, hitting an inflatable playhouse and missing a 20-month-old who was inside a bedroom.</p><p> Watch Local 6 News and stay with ClickOrlando.com for more on this story.</p>

More than 150-acre brush fire burns near I-95 in Brevard
<p> A more than 150-acre brush fire that ignited Friday near Interstate 95 in Brevard County is about 80 percent contained, according to fire officials.</p><p> [PICS: <a href="/news/pics-150acre-brush-fire-burns-in-brevard/33177588" target="_blank">Sky 6 flies over brush fire</a>&#160;| VIDEO: <a href="/news/brush-fire-ignites-near-i95-in-brevard/33176832" target="_blank">Local 6 coverage of brush fire</a> ]</p><p> Babcock Street was shut down in Palm Bay from Whynot Drive to Grant Road for the brush fire first response, according to the Brevard County Emergency Management Office.</p><p> The fire, which grew to more than 150 acres, is being called "Terkam Brush Fire" by the Florida Forest Service. The fire will be monitored overnight.</p><p> "Just know that we're going to be out patrolling the streets and if residents see anything out of the usual, large flame or fire, by all means, give us a call and we'll be right out," said Brevard County Fire Chief Mark Schollmeyer.</p><p> Officials said aggressive firefighting efforts will resume early Saturday and that weather remains a concern.</p><p> Forest officials said they had two tractor-plow units plowing fire lines around the fire. It's not clear what sparked the fire.</p><p> Palm Bay Fire Rescue said it was assisting Brevard County Fire Rescue and the Florida Highway Patrol with the fire. Melbourne fire officials, along with Orlando fire crews and Osceola County fire crews, are also coming to Brevard to help with the fire.</p><p> Local 6 news helicopter Sky 6 flew over the fire as smoke billowed from the wooded area in plumes. The smoke was visible for miles and was showing up on weather radar.</p><p> Drivers were urged to use caution in the area. Authorities said no structures were in danger.</p><p> All lanes were reopened after blockages on I-95 southbound at Grant Road near mile marker 168 earlier Friday afternoon.</p><p> Investigators do not have a cause for the fire but believe it was not intentional.</p><p> "It could be anything from hot brakes to somebody discarding a cigarette carelessly, so quite honestly it's hard to speculate what caused it," said Palm Bay Fire Chief Jim Stables.</p>

St. Cloud families voice concerns about airport noise
<p> It's not finances, or daily stresses keeping residents in St. Cloud awake at night -- it's airplanes.</p><p> One St. Cloud mom said flight patterns have changed in the past few weeks and she's not happy about it.</p><p> "It's coming in at 2 in the morning," said Traci Isaacs, who's lived in the neighborhood since 2010. "The house shakes, you wake up."</p><p> Isaacs lives 4 1/2 miles south of Orlando International Airport. Another resident in Isaacs' neighborhood said he's noticed the change, too.</p><p> "They fly so low you can see the passengers sitting in there," he said. Isaacs' neighbor has lived in the neighborhood since 1996.</p><p> Both said that the flight pattern seemed to change a couple weeks ago, but the Federal Aviation Administration disagrees.</p><p> In a written statement, the FAA says:</p><p> "Flight paths over the area have not changed. Most aircraft overflying the area are arriving at the airport, and they are at altitudes between 1,400 and 1,600 feet on approach to the runways. Departing flights would fly over the area only if severe weather prevents departures to the north.</p><p> "More flights are over the area because number of flights at OIA has increased about 9 percent recently. Also, approximately 40 percent of arrivals land to the north, up from 20 percent a year or two ago because we are requiring aircraft to land into the wind rather than with a tail wind. This improves safety by reducing missed approaches and helps pilots make more stable approaches.</p><p> "Aircraft are operating more efficiently and gliding into the runways using less power. As a result, aircraft don't descend as quickly and are less tolerant to landing with a tail wind."</p><p> Orlando International Airport officials said they have fielded complaints from residents in Belle Isle and Conway. Now, it's St. Cloud residents hoping to voice their opinions.</p><p> "Something's definitely changed," Isaacs said, looking up toward the sky. "They're expanding OIA? This can't be happening."</p><p> Earlier in the week, OIA announced plans to expand the southern terminal, adding between 16 and 24 gates, among other things.</p><p> Isaacs worries those additions could result in even more traffic. Her neighbor plans to take new noise issues up with St. Cloud officials.</p><p> "If they haven't heard about it already, they will," he said.</p><p> To submit a complaint, call 407-825-2003.</p>

2 children hospitalized in Orange County crash, troopers say
<p> Two children were hospitalized after a crash involving two cars Friday afternoon, according to Orange County Fire Rescue.</p><p> The crash happened at 4:11 p.m. Friday on Curry Ford Road and Camellia Garden Drive.</p><p> Traffic was stopped for an Orange County Public School bus with its equipment activated to stop traffic on westbound Curry Ford Road 20 feet east of Camellia Garden Drive, troopers said.</p><p> A 1997 Ford Mustang driven by Hozel Ready III, 31, was traveling west on Curry Ford Road in the left-through lane. Troopers said a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta was stopped in traffic for the school bus.</p><p> According to FHP, Ready failed to control his Mustang, causing the front-left of the vehicle to strike the right-rear of the Jetta. The two vehicles came to a stop, blocking the left-through lane of westbound Curry Ford Road.</p><p> No child seats were located in the Mustang, troopers said. A 3-year-old boy who was a passenger in the front seat, was taken to Florida Hospital East in critical condition due to the impact of the airbag.</p><p> The rear passenger of the Mustang, a 1-year-old girl, was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital as a precaution.</p><p> Ready has been charged with careless driving, unsafe vehicle, no proof of insurance, and driving with no driver's license, according to FHP.</p><p> The crash remains under investigation pending additional charges.</p>

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