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Man shot, killed in Orlando neighborhood
<p>A man is dead, and Orlando police said they are searching for the person who shot him in the middle of a neighborhood.</p><p>Orlando police investigators told News 6 they responded to the corner of Boston and Carter streets just after 8:15 p.m. Friday. They said neighbors had reported hearing three to four gunshots.</p><p><img embed-content-articleid="636564866" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="636564866" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="PHOTO" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2018/02/23/Orlando%20shooting%20scene%20near%20Boston%20and%20Carter%202_1519443086423.JPG_11707548_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" /></p><p>Officers said they found a black male lying on his back in the middle of the roadway. They said he had suffered a gunshot wound to his torso.</p><p>Investigators said officers performed CPR on the man until Orlando firefighters arrived at the scene and took over the lifesaving maneuvers.</p><p>Unfortunately, investigators said, the man was pronounced dead at a hospital.</p><p><img embed-content-articleid="636564890" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="636564890" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="PHOTO" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2018/02/23/Orlando%20shooting%20scene%20near%20Boston%20and%20Carter%203_1519443089309.JPG_11707549_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" /></p><p>News 6 watched Friday night as police investigated the scene of the shooting. They searched the grass for clues, and one officer confiscated a sledgehammer. They would not say what significance it had.</p><p>Police said neighbors told them they hadn&#39;t seen anything, which is making the investigation tougher to piece together.</p><p>Anyone who has information about the shooting is asked to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).</p>

Doctor arrested for administering partial vaccines, Medicaid fraud
<p>An Orlando doctor was arrested Friday on charges of fraud. The Florida Department of Health said on Friday that Dr. Ishrat Sohail improperly administered vaccines.</p><p>State investigators said employees of the doctor&#39;s office tipped them off.</p><p>Sohail bonded out of the Seminole County jail Friday evening, refusing to answer any of News 6&#39;s questions about the allegations.</p><p>Investigators wrote in their probable cause affidavit that Sohail was briefly suspended in 2016 from the Vaccines for Children program through Medicaid after an inspector found the doctor charged a private insurance company for the vaccine the government gave her for free.</p><p>Then last month, the state wrote, more employees came forward, alleging the doctor is not only collecting thousands of dollars from the free vaccines, but she wasn&#39;t administering the full amount of the vaccine. State health officials said by doing so, the doctor has put hundreds of children at risk for illness and disease.</p><p>The Florida Department of Health is warning that as many as 500 kids need to be re-vaccinated.</p><p>During a raid of the office last Friday, inspectors wrote that there were partially used vaccine vials in the office fridge, including vaccines to prevent Hepatitis A, HPV and whooping cough.</p><p>Investigators said an employee claims at least two patients have tested positive for the flu, but the doctor never notified them in order to not raise suspicion about falsely administered vaccine practices.</p><p>The Florida Department of Health released the following information for any patients who might be affected:</p><p>&quot;Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the department, if your child received vaccines from Dr. Sohail between 2016 and 2018, you should contact a new primary care provider to consider revaccination. DOH-Orange County is also available to assist with vaccination for those who have difficulty establishing care with a new provider.</p><p>&quot;There is also the possibility that Dr. Sohail did not follow best practices in maintaining the sterility of the vaccines she administered. If your child experienced a severe adverse reaction or infection at the injection site of any vaccine administered by Dr. Sohail or her staff, please contact DOH-Orange epidemiology at 407-858-1485.&quot;</p>

Search on for 2 women who stole wallet from grocery store shopper, police say
<p>The search is on for two women who targeted a shopper at a grocery store, using a distraction to steal her wallet, police said.</p><p>Daytona Beach Shores police said the suspects stole the victim&#39;s wallet and went straight to a Publix less than 2 miles away. Inside, they purchased $800 in gift cards.</p><p>&quot;Finished my shopping, went to pay for it and I didn&#39;t have a wallet,&quot; Marcia Dutton said.</p><p>Dutton got the news no one wants earlier this month while trying to check out at the Winn-Dixie in Daytona Beach Shores. She couldn&#39;t pay for her groceries because police said crooks were busy using her credits cards to go on their own shopping spree.</p><p>&quot;By the time I walked out of the store, got in my car, pulled out my phone, there were two alerts already,&quot; Dutton said.</p><p>She said the first alert was for $827 charged at the Publix and the second from her bank telling her that her account balance was now on zero.</p><p>Dutton&#39;s credit cards were used several times from Ormond Beach to Port Orange. She said she didn&#39;t see it coming.</p><p>&quot;I was in the produce section and an older lady approached me and asked me to help her. She needed some advice for her diet. She wasn&#39;t suppose to have certain things,&quot; she said.</p><p>She said her purse was closed and sitting in the cart, that they talked for several minutes and went their separate ways.</p><p>&quot;They appeared to be an elderly woman with her aide and they were shopping. It was a little old lady act. She did it very, very well,&quot; Dutton said.</p><p>Police already arrested Carlos Garcia, but are looking for Margaret Cleary and a woman who was seen with her.</p><p>Dutton said now she&#39;ll be holding her purse under her arm.</p><p>&quot;You don&#39;t have to stand out. You don&#39;t have to be special. They know what they&#39;re looking for, so you have to protect yourself,&quot; she said.</p>

'He will never be forgotten:' Fallen Brevard deputy honored at funeral
<p>More than a thousand mourners gathered Friday afternoon, many of them dressed in uniforms, to honor the life of a Brevard County deputy who was killed in a traffic crash while on his way to work.</p><p>The funeral for deputy Kevin Stanton, 32, was held at at New Life Christian Fellowship, in Titusville, at 2 p.m. Stanton died around 5 a.m. Saturday when the tread on the tire of a semitruck separated, causing that driver to lose control and crash into Stanton&rsquo;s patrol car.</p><p>Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said Stanton had a life-saving award he had recently received in the car with him at the time of his death.</p><p>Loved ones described Stanton as a good-natured prankster who loved to help others and lived to serve.&nbsp;</p><p>The night before his death, Stanton stopped at a restaurant to eat when he encountered a World World II veteran who couldn&rsquo;t drive himself home. While others at the restaurant suggested calling a taxi, Stanton insisted on helping the man out by giving him a ride home in what ended up being Stanton&rsquo;s final act as a deputy.</p><p>&ldquo;I think that&rsquo;s a true testament of what Kevin was. You know, we love Kevin; he will always be with us. He will never be forgotten, I can assure you that,&rdquo; Ivey said.</p><p>Standing before Stanton&rsquo;s flag-draped casket, Ivey lightened the mood with jokes as he poked fun at the 11-year veteran of the department, who was born and raised in Titusville.</p><p>&ldquo;As a little boy, Kevin loved to play Legos, but I am told he soon became bored with them around the age of 27,&rdquo; Ivey said.</p><p>While Legos&nbsp;bricks and playing trumpet in Astronaut High School&rsquo;s band entertained Stanton while he was younger, it was couponing that caught his interest as an adult, since he loved shopping but hated spending money.&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;If you peruse Kevin&rsquo;s Facebook page, you&rsquo;ll see that one of his proudest moments was one he titled his biggest score &ndash; the purchase of over $600 worth of merchandise that only cost him $27 because of his coupons,&rdquo; Ivey said.</p><p>Aside from wanting to be on the reality TV show &ldquo;Extreme Couponing,&rdquo; Stanton also aimed to become an agent within the Brevard County Sheriff&rsquo;s Office&rsquo;s economic crimes unit.</p><p>He had been with the agency since 2007 and during that time earned multiple letters of recognition and promotions. Stanton&rsquo;s final promotion was done posthumously as Ivey announced Friday that Stanton would be permanently assigned to an agent position in the department.</p><p>After the ceremony, a procession took place along U.S. Route 1 to carry Stanton to his final resting place at Oaklawn Memorial Gardens.</p><p><img embed-content-articleid="undefined" embed-content-groupid="undefined" embed-content-id="636373533" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="PHOTO" height="360" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2018/02/23/Brevard%20Deputy%20Funeral%20Processional_1519406624088.png_11705702_ver1.0_640_360.jpg" width="640" /></p>

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