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LIVE RADAR: Storms pop in Central Fla.; systems line up in the tropics

Central Florida will see highs soar into the upper 90s on Wednesday as the tropics stay active with four systems swirling in the Atlantic.

"With lots of humid air in place and sea breeze action, we will see a 50 percent chance for more scattered showers and storms," News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said. "The timeline will be mainly after 2 o'clock."

The high in Orlando will reach 97 degrees, with "feels like" temperatures at 105 to 110. 

"We can't stress it enough: You must take frequent breaks and drink lots of water if you're outside for a long period of time," Bridges said.

The average high on this date is 92. The record high is 101, set in 1918.

Tracking the tropics

"We are pinpointing lots of activity in the tropics," Bridges said. "Remember, the peak of the hurricane season is September 10."

Hurricane Gert, with winds of 85 mph, is moving northeast at 15 mph and continues to move away from the eastern seaboard of the Unites States.

"There are three additional tropical waves to watch," Bridges said.

The first one has a 40 percent chance of development within the next five days and is about 1,000 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. The system is producing organized showers and a few thunderstorms as it moves west at 15 to 20 mph.

"Models try to bring this one south of Jamaica sometime early next week or as early as late this weekend," Bridges said.

The wave behind that one also has a 40 percent chance of development within the next five days and is about 600 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands.

"We will watch this one closely. It is still too early to tell where this one will go," Bridges said.

The third wave behind that one now has a 40 percent chance of development within the next five days. It is just off the coast of Africa.

[WEATHER: Extended forecast | Radar | Warnings | Pinpoint Weather Zones]
[DOWNLOAD: Pinpoint, Hurricane apps | SHARE: Weather pictures]

Watch News 6 and stay with ClickOrlando.com for updates.

Man took upskirt photos in Sanford store, police say

A 55-year-old Sanford man was arrested on allegations of taking upskirt photos of a woman who was shopping inside a Goodwill store.

Harold Davis was arrested Monday on charges of voyeurism and disorderly intoxication.

Sanford police said a 21-year-old woman was shopping at the Goodwill at 300 E. 3rd St. when Davis approached her, leaned down and pointed his cellphone under her dress.

The woman said she began hitting Davis and screaming for help, according to police.

Harold tried to run out of the store, but he was restrained by several people, who held him until officers arrived, police said.

"He took a picture of a lady up her dress," a customer who called 911 said. "He's being held. They're trying to hold him because he's trying to wiggle up out of here."

Sanford police said surveillance video shows Davis walking into the store and heading to the men's section before going to the women's clothing area. Davis is then seen pointing his cellphone under the woman's dress, police said.

Davis was questioned by officers and requested an attorney, police said. He also declined to a search of his phone, police said.

Goodwill released a statement Tuesday, saying: "At Goodwill, we continually strive to provide a safe and pleasant environment for our shoppers and donors to support our mission of job training and placement for Central Floridians in need. We are distressed by the incident that occurred in our Sanford retail store, and we are grateful to the police for their timely response. We want to let the public know that the store is open and operating as normal."

Davis was arrested and taken to jail.

Watch News 6 and stay with ClickOrlando.com for updates.

Two-headed loggerhead turtle found by UCF interns

Interns at the UCF Turtle Lab made a rare discovery Tuesday while out on the job: a two-headed loggerhead hatchling.

The tiny turtle was tweeted out by Kate Mansfield at the UCF Turtle Lab, who says the turtle was "alive and energetic" when it was found.

The UCF Marine Turtle Research Group (MTRG) was founded in the late 1970s and focuses on research, education and scientific advisory on sea turtle conservation, biology and ecology. 

The MTRG is comprised of six graduate students, 12 undergraduate interns, five to eight part-time employees and numerous volunteers.

The group's research on turtles over the past 30 years was instrumental in establishing the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, which supports the largest loggerhead turtle rookery in the Western Hemisphere and the most important green turtle and leatherback nesting habitat in North America.

For more information on the MTRG and how you can get involved, visit their website

University of Florida denies white supremacist event

The University of Florida is denying a request by a group headed by white nationalist Richard Spencer to rent space on the campus for a September event.

UF President W. Kent Fuchs said in a statement Wednesday that the decision was made after assessing risks to the campus, community and law enforcement following last weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Spencer, the head of the National Policy Institute, had contacted the university for plans to rent space on the campus in Gainesville next month.

In denying the request, Fuchs said he finds Spencer's racist rhetoric "repugnant and counter to everything the university and this nation stands for."

Fuchs said UF is dedicated to free speech and public discourse, but the First Amendment doesn't require risk of imminent violence to students.

A supporter of National Policy Institute vowed to file a lawsuit against UF.

Cameron Padgett was told of the university's decision and said he was going to call his lawyer immediately to begin the process of filing a court challenge.

Padgett is being paid nearly $30,000 by Auburn University after he successfully challenged the school's attempts to block the group from speaking there.

He said they had signed an agreement with Florida and believes the group will prevail just as they did with the Auburn challenge in April.

A judge allowed the Spencer event at Auburn to proceed. Several hundred people attended the event and three people were arrested outside the building during clashes between Spencer's supporters and his opponents.

Watch News 6 and stay with ClickOrlando.com for updates.


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