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Local News: Top Stories

Off-duty reserve officer helps nab suspected shoplifters

An Orlando reserve officer said he followed a group of theft suspects from an Ocoee Best Buy Sunday afternoon.

[Scroll below for 911 call | WARNING: Content may be graphic ]

David McKinnon was off-duty when he said four males ran out of the electronics store with boxes of stolen merchandise.

"I came out to change out my son's Beats chord, you know, and I see all four of them run out and jump in a car and they take off and we are off and running man," McKinnon said.

McKinnon, who was dressed in civilian clothes and in his personal vehicle, followed the suspects. He said the vehicle ran a red light before getting on the 408. He also described their driving as "evasive."

The Florida Highway Patrol said the suspects' vehicle ran a red light on Hiawassee Road, hitting a Toyota. No one in the Toyota was injured.

"They T-boned a car. At that time they all jumped out. My focus was on the driver since he was the one who created the accident," McKinnon said.

McKinnon said after the crash, all four suspects ran down the street. He was able to apprehend two of them, using zip ties to restrain them.

"Even at almost 57, I'd do it again, man. It's what it's all about. I didn't like getting out and not being armed or anything at this point, go figure, but that dude was not going to get away based on the accident he just created a couple blocks south of us," McKinnon said.

McKinnon also said that two of the four suspects remain on the loose.


Brothers targeted 'half-wasted' college kids in car thefts, UCF police say

Two brothers who are tied to nearly a dozen burglaries have been arrested after University of Central Florida police say the duo targeted the UCF area for unlocked vehicles of the inebriated college kids coming home late.

Devin Haymon, 18, and Paul Haymon, 22, would set their alarms for the middle of the night and carhop around apartment complexes near UCF searching for unlocked cars, according to a release from UCFPD.

Police said the Haymon brothers told them they targeted the UCF area because of the "college kids coming home from parties half-wasted." They would look for unlocked cars so they wouldn't have to smash glass, believing they would be more likely to get away with the thefts, according to police.

The brothers would then dump out stolen money, credit cards and electronics, making their living room look "like Christmas," police said, before pawning the stolen items.

Police said detectives followed up on burglary and theft reports and traced the pawn shop sales back to the brothers.

The brothers also confessed to additional burglaries in the Orange County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction and were arrested by OCSO on May 14.

Body found pinned under car involved in Daytona Beach hit-and-run

Daytona Beach police are investigating after a body was found under a car on Sunday morning.

Saturday night's hit-and-run along Beville Road is now connected to a 911 call Sunday morning from a couple picking up a swing set from the back lot of Toys R Us.

"What I think I'm seeing is not real, but this man is laying up under this car back here and he's not moving," a caller told dispatchers.

"The guy that was found under the car, we believe was the driver of a hit-and-run that occurred around 8:30 at night," said Chief Mike Chitwood.

Almost an hour later, police said someone spotted the same car behind Big Lots, but was never found. It wasn't until Sunday morning, when police said the man was found parked behind the toy store.

"One of the last things he did, was he Googled on his phone how to repair something to the undercarriage of the car," said Chitwood.

Investigators said he then made a makeshift ramp out of aluminum and sheet rock, then drove his car onto the ramp.

"He then got underneath to tinker with whatever damage was done during the hit-and-run. The ramp collapsed on him and crushed him, is basically what it's looking like right now," said Chitwood.

"Honey, my husband hollered at him like four different times. He's not answering. No, he's not. He's not moving," the caller told dispatchers.

Police said the man was homeless and lived out of his car.

"It's just an unfortunate accident. You have somebody who's obviously down and out on their luck, clearly from what we understand they had an alcohol problem and for whatever reason, decided to fix their car, using aluminum and sheet rock. It wasn't exactly the way to go," said Chitwood.

Investigators have not released the man's name. Police said no one else involved in the hit-and-run was hurt.

Check back to ClickOrlando.com as details come in.


Marion sheriff holds news conference after 2 majors put on leave

Marion County Sheriff Emery Gainey held a news conference on Monday, days after he suspended two MCSO majors and placed them on administrative leave.

Authorities said that Maj. Don Maines, in charge of the Bureau of Professional Standards, and Maj. Tommy Bibb, in charge of the Bureau of Special Investigations, have been placed on paid administrative leave during the transition period at the Sheriff's Office. 

[RELATED: Marion sheriff indicted on perjury charges]

No internal affairs investigation is currently being conducted related to the suspensions. It is not known how long the suspensions will be at this time.

The Sheriff's Office said Gainey knows these are tough decisions during very difficult times, but the sheriff is dedicated to the task of providing a stable and professional law enforcement agency for the county's citizens.

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